TailsUp is a young and innovative cap brand based in Antwerp.

Trendy, stylish and comfy is what our brand speaks.

We reinvented the classic cap with an innovative adaption.

A cross-opening at the back makes it perfect to wear with a ponytail or bun.

The first cap of it's kind!

We stand for a superior fit, a cap that fits everyone and is so comfortable to wear

& a matching look. With the smart design and timeless look it is a key accessory that matches every style.


A superior fit

A smart design and breathable fabric.

Those two features assure you that the cap is perfect for working out and wearing all day long.

The sweat gets absorbed and transported away from your face.

With the metal strap at the back you can adjust the fit to your own liking.

The cross-opening is placed on the perfect height for a ponytail or bun. 

I love wearing a cap during workouts. With tailsup it's so easy & you look amazing in the gym!

Yuna Vergult 

Co-founder and owner.


a matching


The timeless, cool look of a cap never goes out of style.

That's what our first collection is all about. An accessory that you can wear every day and matches with everything.

The colors translate this perfectly as well. A neutral black or white with a bold accent.

A casual style or workout look goes with all of the caps.

& you can perfectly dress up with a TailsUp cap.

I wear a cap almost daily & tailsup matches every look. I love how it completes my casual style perfectly.

Gregory Verstraelen 



All of the caps are unisex.

The cross-opening in the back makes it perfect to wear with a ponytail or

(man-) bun.

The cross-opening is made out of an easy bendable rubber. So when you don't have a ponytail or bun or you are wearing your hair down, the cross-opening closes & aligns perfectly with the back of the cap.